Fundraising with Sweet Dough

Our fundraisers truly are sweet

A Sweet Deal

Our fundraisers are super simple and generate a massive amount of interest due to our unique products.

We package 4 of our super tasty Gourmet Cinna-Rolls in a pack for $20 and your school keeps $9 for each pack sold.

We provide the order forms and once the sales are tallied, your product is ready for distribution within a week.

At Sweet Dough Cafe, we have over 50 different cinnamon rolls!

We chose the route less traveled and specialize in a unique but extraordinary product. We’re a niche bakery similar to a cupcake bakery, however, instead of cupcakes, we specialize in Gourmet Cinna-Rolls.

Set your goals high and reach for the stars with Sweet Dough Cafe’s Gourmet Cinna-Roll Fundraiser, the earning potential is tremendous and oh so sweet!

Email us at for more info.

12434 N. Mainstreet #122
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

(909) 317 – 2014

Customers choose from 3 different Gourmet Cinna-Roll 4 Packs

Original Cinna-Roll

Salted Caramel Cinna-Roll

Chocolate Creme Cinna-Roll

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